Paediatrics in Primary Care: Gastroenterology

Paediatrics in Primary Care: Gastroenterology

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Having identified a lack of training in paediatrics for GPs we partnered with Healthy London Partnership and the Royal Society of Medicine to set up a training day and website to address the issue: Paediatrics in Primary Care (PIP Courses).

SMART objectives

Specific: We aimed to produce a website and training day aimed at GPs, GP trainees, junior paediatrics trainees and allied health professions on Paediatric Gastroenterology.

Measurable: We identified the need through network wide GP surveys via Healthy London Partnership and measure the success of the course via pre and post course feedback.

Achievable: We had to limit ourselves to one training topic and picked one that was commonly identified.

Realistic: we identified that GP trainees do not only see children in their practice so this needed to be short training intervention with the resources available for revision on the website to learn at home

Timely: we set dates for the training day with the RSM

Progress made: What have you learned from doing this?

Websites take a long time! The use of adobe spark was very easy and we would recommend it. It can be hard to engage cross speciality as you do not have the contacts/emails of GP trainees. Healthy London Partnership made a real difference with this.

What’s your take home message?

More training is need for GPs in Paediatrics and those attending the course welcomed it.