PAGES – PAediatric Guideline Exchange Site

PAGES – PAediatric Guideline Exchange Site

Key contacts

 Jane Simpson, Ronny Cheung, Mark Butler – contact info and full list of participating trusts and individuals on the site 


We have brought together clinical guidelines for paediatrics from across London. We hope you find them useful and appreciate the work that has gone into them. We hope this project will help reduce the duplication of effort that currently occurs in guideline development and helps us to ensure we deliver high quality evidence based care for our patients.

This site is intended as a resource to allow paediatricians to access and share guidelines across institutions for guideline development and research purposes. All clinicians are responsible for their use of these resources and should follow the procedures and protocols of their own institution.

SMART objectives

We aim to build up a database of clinical guidelines that are categorized and searchable which will be useful to 

Progress made: What have you learned from doing this?

 The importance of getting engagement from seniors and juniors across institutions, and that there is a huge interest in this as a resource.

What’s your take home message?

 Please get involved, help share this idea across trusts and contribute your own guidelines to our project.


A website designed to bring the concept of FOAM, Free Open Access Medical Education to paediatrics. We host short articles and posts on a variety of topics, from general paediatrics, to neonatology, to child development, to careers and more. Anything related to paediatrics that we think would be useful to our colleagues. So much brilliant teaching in paediatrics is delivered to an audience of a handful, wouldn’t it be great to share across institutions, cities, countries?

see it here

Project goals: develop a website that hosts high quality educational resources for paediatrics. We want it to be regularly updated, visually attractive,  engaging in tone and accessible on a variety of devices. 

We have developed the website as well as a Twitter and Facebook presence. 

We are continuing to develop our pool of contributors and to spread the concept of FOAM in the paediatric world. We have also started recording a podcast and running half day workshops to promote the concept and develop contributors. 

The project is a bit more open ended than most, and we don’t have a clearly defined endpoint or outcome. We would like FOAM to be as widespread in paediatrics as it is is EM.  We tend to look at page views and followers as our major indicator of ‘success’ and we are pleased to have reached over 2400 twitter followers and over 50,000 article views, around 100-200 per day. 

we are always looking for contributors,  please get in touch! 


Katie Knight, Mark Butler, Suzannah Pye, Priyen Shah, Jonathan Round