Child Health Promise website

Child Health Promise website


A group of paediatric trainees realised that many quality improvement projects were taking place across the UK that could be duplicated in other settings if only people knew about them. Effort was being put in to develop ideas from scratch when maybe a team in a neighbouring area had already done a lot of the work and would be willing to share ideas and resources.

The idea was born to create a website to be a repository for quality improvement projects in child health across the UK within hospitals, schools and the voluntary sector.

Plan / SMART objectives

Specific: to create a website where professionals can register an account and create pages to showcase their projects and allow collaboration between teams working on similar ideas. A Child Health Festival will be organised as an RSM event with the top projects from the website given the opportunity to present their work at the festival.

Measurable: to have at least four projects registered with the site at the time of launch.

Achievable: the team has a background in medical education, quality improvement and web development. The resources of the Royal Society of Medicine can be drawn upon because Camilla is the RSM Darzi Fellow.

Responsibilities: Camilla and Hermione are the project leads. Camilla will be the point of contact at the RSM and will be looking for funding for hosting the website. Lee will be the web development lead. All team members to promote the idea within their clinical and academic teams and look for opportunities to publicise more widely.

Time bound: to launch the website by September 2017.  Timing for the Child Health Festival still to be decided.


As of 23rd August 2017 the website is in the final testing stages. Ideas for the Child Health Festival are being worked on. The team members are creating the initial projects on the site to demonstrate how it can work.