Topic Thursdays – Domain of the Month

Topic Thursdays – Domain of the Month


It was challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep up with and maintain competencies of the Paediatrics curriculum particularly with the lack of face-to-face teaching. Deployment of some staff members meant lack of a unified time during which trainees can get together and maintain group teaching.

I took an initiative to search for and group worldwide online resources under certain topics. I was committed to releasing one topic every Thursday to help maintain teaching and training of paediatrics trainees up-to-date. 

This project started in April 2020 using the tag #e_learning_for_KSS_trainees then the name was changed to Topic Thursdays. 

Examples for these topics included grouping online modules related to safeguarding to include exploitation of children and young people, physical signs of child abuse and imaging in cases of suspected physical abuse in children on one of these Thursdays under the topic of Safeguarding. On another Thursday, I highlighted the difficulty of dealing with children during lockdown by grouping online lectures that dealt with that subject. Resources for that day included a webinar on “How can paediatricians help parents who are struggling with a child behaviour?”, “Screen time: what is the evidence and what should we be advising?” and ” A paediatrician’s tips for managing ADHD under lockdown”.

Resources were initially shared on the KSS Paediatrics Trainees’ Facebook page then with collaboration of KSS Paediatrics Trainees Committee members, these posts were uploaded on the KSS Paediatrics trainees’ website to be accessible to everyone.

Topic Thursdays continued till September 2020 and included 20 topics in total based on interactive online modules or online lectures to cover most of the curriculum areas.

The shared online resources involved:

  1. UK based resources: RCPCH webinars and online modules, e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) modules, NHS England, Diabetes on the Net CPD modules, Royal Bournmouth Hospital (BERTIE online) and the British Association of Perinatal Medicine website resources.
  2. International resources such as the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) study materials, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia online lectures and the Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians resources.

The link to Topic Thursdays blog is

Following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, online platforms for live events became more popular so the project was dynamically changed based on trainees’ feedback to involve one topic released each month in the form of a poster for a quick read about one RCPCH curriculum domain. The name was subsequently changed to Domain of the Month. This was associated with a greater participation from KSS Paediatrics Trainees to write topics and share ideas on how to meet competencies of the Paediatrics curriculum .

The link to Domain of the Month blog is

The project was well-received by paediatric trainees and many were inspired to create posts and share them on the website.