Take the stairs!

Lift counting


Specific: We want to increase the number of staff and visitors using stairs, rather than the lift, in hospital using posters at the point of decision as the intervention.

Measurable: We will count the number of people choosing to use the lift and the stairs in the same place, and at the same time in a week, before and after the intervention.

Attainable: Data will be collected over a limited time period. Assistance from children at local schools will be sought in poster design, and further help from public relations department at the hospital.

Relevant: Increasing stair use rather than lift use encourages physical activity to be incorporated into daily life.

Time bound: Initial data collection completed in May 2017, posters created through June 2017 and final data collection after intervention in July 2017.


Initial data has been collected showing that 55% of people use the stairs, whilst 45% use the lift. Excluded from the study where those people who appeared not to be able to use the stairs, for example those with mobility aids. We are currently working with a group of primary and secondary school children to develop posters that we will put up at the point where people make the decision to use the lift or stairs.